The Waterhouse Family of Kennebunk

By Tessa Surette, MHS Volunteer

full family

The Waterhouse family of Kennebunk has found a new home in the Maine Historical Society archives! This collection of archival material primarily focuses on Homer T. Waterhouse, his wife Bessie (Harmon), and their three children.

Homer T. Waterhouse (1873-1948) was born in Kennebunkport to J. Taylor and Rebecca (Tarbox) Waterhouse. After graduating from Colby College in 1895, he pursued successful legal, business and political careers. He married Bessie Harmon in 1911, and they had three children; Lois (1912-2007), Homer (1914-2003) and Christine (1916-2004).


Of all the Waterhouse family members, Lois is the most prominently featured in the collection. Lois graduated as valedictorian from Kennebunk High School in 1930. She attended Mount Holyoke College where she majored in mathematics and graduated summa cum laude in 1934. She married Asa Foster Kinney in 1938 and they had two daughters. Lois’s papers and correspondence cover her childhood in Maine, her time at Mount Holyoke, a European tour in 1934, her wedding and her life in Massachusetts with her husband and children.

Homer attended Hebron Academy and graduated as valedictorian in 1932. He attended Bowdoin College and then earned a law degree from Harvard Law School in 1939. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance as Lieutenant Commander. Following the war, Homer continued his successful legal and business career. He married Geraldine Keating and was stepfather to her two children.

Christine followed her sister to Mount Holyoke (class of 1938) and later graduated from Columbia University School of Medicine. Following medical school, she was the director of a clinical research center, a professor of medicine and in 1979 she returned to Maine and opened a practice in Biddeford. She married John Raines III and had two daughters.

One of our favorite parts of the collection is four photo albums that contain wonderful candid photographs of the Waterhouse family during Lois, Homer and Christine’s childhoods. There are photos of the family at the beach, digging for clams and Lois and Homer outside after, what appears to be, a significant snowstorm. These albums are a nice change of pace from the usual staged portraits of the early 20th century and allow the personalities of the Waterhouse family to shine through.

Another gem from the collection is a letter seven-year-old Lois wrote to Santa Claus in 1919. Her gift requests were very modest by today’s standards. She asked for a box of candy, a new hair ribbon and something to embroider. Lois was also concerned about the logistics of Santa’s arrival. “Are you coming by airship or reindeer sleigh? Don’t forget our chimney please.”

The Waterhouse family collection (Coll. 2980) was donated by Lois’s daughter Carolyn and contains correspondence, photographs, photo albums, newspaper clippings, postcards, deeds, scrapbooks, diplomas, invoices/receipts and genealogical information.

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