MHS Essay Contest

Your Maine Home: How Has it Changed?

Maine Historical Society wants to hear more of your stories. Last year’s Civil War Family Legends essay contest was a great success, and we are now offering a new contest–all are invited to participate!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Cambridge, ca. 1872
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Cambridge, ca. 1872

In keeping with the theme of our upcoming museum exhibition, Home: The Longfellow House and the Emergence of Portland, we want to hear about defining moments in the history of your Maine home or neighborhood. Home can mean a house, apartment, cottage, or any other dwelling you or a family member lives in now, or has lived in previously. Neighborhood might mean just your street or a larger section of a town or city. The defining moment must have reshaped the structure of your home or neighborhood in some way—perhaps due to natural disaster, urban development, economic changes, family events, or another major turning point. The event could have been within your lifetime or an ancestor’s.


Submissions should be 300 – 500 words. Please include a title, your name as you would like it to appear in print, and your city and state. Images are encouraged! A committee of MHS staff will judge the essays and the winner will be published in our fall 2014 newsletter. Essays will be judged on their relevance to Maine, clarity of writing, richness of detail, and the overall nature of the story. The winning essay, as well as the first and second runners-up, will be published on this blog.

To submit an essay to the contest, please email a Word document to Laura Webb at by July 18, 2014 . Winners will be announced in the fall newsletter, scheduled for publication the beginning of September.

Questions about the contest should be directed to Laura Webb at (207) 774-1822 ext. 201 or by email.

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