Message from the Director: National Leadership Grant

Steve BromageI am delighted to announce that Maine Historical Society, in partnership with the Maine State Library, has just been awarded a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services.

MHS will develop and implement My Maine History: Using Digital Participation to Build 21st Century Skills, a statewide program that will encourage individuals to become active participants in the history of their place(s). The three-year project will build on and continue development of Maine Memory Network, our nationally recognized digital museum. Working closely with local libraries, historical societies, and schools throughout Maine, MHS staff will develop and pilot tools, resources, and an outreach program that give individuals the ability to participate in and contribute to Maine Memory.

Our project will put individuals at the center of their own online museum experience. Their personal interests—whether in history, their place(s), Maine, research, genealogy, or a wide array of topics and events—will be the basis for their participation as they explore, participate in, and contribute to Maine history.

The project will utilize Maine Memory’s network infrastructure—most importantly its 270 “contributing partners”—to explore how cultural organizations in Maine can use a range of recent technologies in a focused, purposeful way to further their work and enrich life in our communities, across the state, and online.

We are thrilled. Stay tuned for more details.

– Steve Bromage, MHS Executive Director

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