Early Maps of Portland and Casco Bay

Join us for a special program on “The Early Maps of Portland and Casco Bay,” Tuesday, December 4, at noon with former Maine Memory Network cataloger and map enthusiast, Frances Pollitt.

Chart of Casco Bay from the Atlantic Neptune (MMN #10763)

These early maps include street and lot plans, nautical charts for mariners, general area charts, and insurance maps. You’ll see, and learn more about, representatives from each of these categories including:

  • a 1773 manuscript map of Munjoy Hill,
  • a ca. 1800 map of Bramhall area hand drawn by Peleg Wadsworth,
  • the Atlantic Neptune nautical charts created by the British Admiralty in the 1760s and 1770s,
  • the 1825 subscription chart of Casco Bay by Lemuel Moody,
  • A. W. Longfellow’s 1854 U.S. Coast Survey chart of Portland Harbor,
  • Portland’s revaluation plan of 1882, and
  • the maps of Portland after the Great Fire of 1886.

Fran Pollitt has worked extensively with the map collection at Maine Historical Society, cataloging and caring for the 8,000 or so maps. In 2008 she attended the University of Virginia’s Rare Book School course, “Introduction to the History, Collection, Description and Use of Maps,” and has lectured and published articles about the historic map collection at the Society in venues as far away as Winnipeg, Canada.

2 thoughts on “Early Maps of Portland and Casco Bay

  1. Thanks for your suggestions. We are probably going to do a series of map talks, but they would happen at Maine Historical Society. We certainly will consider doing some in the evening instead of just at noontime.

  2. nini mcmanamy

    Unfortunately, I have to work at that time. Judging by the popularity of the Facebook page Portland Maine History 1876 to the Present, I think there would be a lot of interest in this talk. Can you work with the Public Library to mount an exhibit there? With a talk on a First Friday? The Gorey event has been a huge success, and it would allow many many more to see the exhibit plus connect with the Maine Memory Network. Alternatively, mount the exhibit at the Center for Maine History with the talk there on a First Friday.

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