Holiday Advertising

Store flyer, Islesboro, ca. 1890

Did you survive Black Friday? Love it or hate it, the official first shopping day of the holiday season has increased in prominence over the years. Many stores now open in the wee hours of the morning after Thanksgiving Day (and some on Thanksgiving night) to entice the most stalwart of shoppers.

Retailers have long paid special attention to advertising their holiday wares, as seen in this 1890 flyer. Islesboro merchant J. P. Bragg, with the help of a smiling, fur-covered Santa atop a chimney, “wishes to inform his friends and customers that he has now in store a full line of goods available for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.” These range from dry and fancy goods, to Majolica Ware, games and toys, boots and shoes, vases and lamps, and even “fancy box paper” to dress up packages. Interested parties are invited to “please call and see the goods. No trouble if you don’t intend to buy.”

Our Museum Store welcomes you enthusiastically this holiday season–and you don’t need to call ahead. Visit us Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm, and Sunday, 12-5pm, or online anytime.

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