LBJ in Maine

Lyndon B. Johnson in Portland, September 28, 1964

The new apple crispness in the air belies a change of seasons. But it’s not just another autumn of back-to-school and falling leaves. It’s also the last gasp of a Presidential campaign season, when the candidates make their finals stops, and stump, to try and win your vote.

Forty-eight years ago this week, Lyndon B. Johnson came to Portland during the 1964 Presidential election. This image, taken from the steps of City Hall, shows one of his many stops on that trip. Johnson, of course, became President upon the death of JFK in 1963. He would go on to win the ’64 election–against Republican Barry Goldwater–and, in 1965, sign into law the landmark Voting Rights Act, which outlawed discrimination in voting, and followed up on the equally ground-breaking Civil Rights Act of 1964.

For more on Maine-related Presidential politics, check out the MMN exhibit Presidents and Campaigns.

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