Meandering around Moosehead

Road to North Bay, Moosehead Lake, 1887, MMN #1025

This image, taken on August 13, 1887, captures three women–note the dressy, period attire–strolling along what was known as the “Road to North Bay” against the backdrop of Mt. Kineo. By the late 19th century, the Moosehead Lake Region had become famous for its rugged beauty and abundant fish and game, drawing outdoor recreation and sport enthusiasts from all over.

The photographer, John Warner Grigg Dunn, was one such person. In an effort to recover from illness and regain his strength, Dunn traveled to Maine from his native Pennsylvania repeatedly between 1885 to 1904. An avid photographer, he took numerous pictures of his adventures hunting and fishing, many of which he sold in albums. Some of them are on display in the online exhibit, John Dunn, 19th Century Sportsman

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