Budding Historians Become Junior Docents

During the week of July 9, the Maine Historical Society campus played host to 10 young people, ages 9-11, attending the first-ever Junior Docent Camp. Enjoy this array of fun images from the experience, coordinated and facilitated by education staff Bridget McCormick and Rachel Miller, and then read on for more details about the week’s activities.

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Throughout the week, which consisted of three-hour days, the boys and girls learned from MHS staff how to handle, care for, and analyze primary source artifacts; studied the history of the Wadsworth and Longfellow families, the house, and the garden; visited the Portland Observatory and First Parish Church; participated in a variety of hands-on activities; and generally learned what it takes to be a knowledgeable guide of a historic house and grounds.

In addition to Bridget and Rachel, the group studied with museum curator John Mayer, library director Nicholas Noyes, and museum registrar Holly Hurd-Forsyth.

The week ended with lively student-led tours through the Wadsworth-Longfellow House for staff, parents, and friends. All who participated were thoroughly entertained and impressed with the young historians, who received a certificate of completion for their efforts, a t-shirt, and–wait for it–“Junior Docent” business cards.

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