Mighty Moxie

Moxie makes Mainers mighty. If you grew up in Maine or have spent time here, chances are you’ve heard that phrase. The carbonated beverage, which dates to the late 19th century, and once topped both Coke and Pepsi in popularity, was originally marketed as “Moxie Nerve Food” for its supposed medicinal qualities.

C.B. Woodman Pharmacy, Westbrook, ca. 1900. MMN #13159

Although the “Drink Coca-Cola with soda 5¢” sign on the outer wall of this Westbrook pharmacy looms largest, a Moxie sign is clearly visible hanging in the window. If you click through to the MMN record and use the zoom tool, you can see what looks like a line of bottles beneath it.

Join us on Thursday at 5:30pm to learn more about the fascinating history of the official Maine soft drink when Jim Baumer joins us to talk about his new book, Moxie: Maine in a Bottle. Representing old-fashioned values and a sense of community, Moxie has long been a Maine symbol of Americana. Baumer will show us why this soft drink has garnered such a loyal and vocal following, including its own annual festival in Lisbon, Maine.

The program is free, and includes samples of the unique beverage. Books are available in our museum store and online.

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