A message from the new Executive Director at MHS, Steve Bromage


I am honored to have the opportunity to lead Maine Historical Society, and want to thank you for your friendship, support, and collaboration—it means a great deal to me. The creative challenge that first drew me to MHS ten years ago remains—the opportunity to build a modern cultural organization that reflects and is designed to thrive in its time, one that is dynamic, relevant, and deeply connected to and valued by its community.

This is a critical moment for MHS, not just because of Richard D’Abate’s retirement. We have grown significantly over the past decade, and had major successes in every corner of our operations. The growth of the past decade has created exciting possibilities and heightened expectations across the institution. It has also stretched our staff and resources. In the coming year, we will focus on sustaining and building on those successes, and developing a clear and bold vision that outlines our goals, priorities, and focus for the future.

MHS has been leading a fundamental shift in how many people perceive, experience, and contribute to Maine history: Maine history is becoming active, participatory, representative, and part of people’s daily lives. Those are key characteristics of today’s culture, and will be a cornerstone of the 21st century museum experience, and Maine Historical’s work.

My highest priority as Director is to ensure that the MHS community—including staff, trustees, volunteers, members, friends, partners, and supporters—is empowered to do great work. I look forward to continuing to dedicate myself to the vitality of MHS, and to working closely with all of you. Your participation, engagement, and support are vital.

Lastly, I want to share an interesting and relevant article published in the New York Times this weekend. The article explores the challenges and choices that the National September 11 Memorial Museum has faced. It addresses important issues about the roles that history and museums play. I found it fascinating, and think you might, too.



Steve Bromage can be reached at sbromage@mainehistory.org, or 207-774-1822 ext. 202.

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