Notes from the Archives: Edward Sylvester Morse

by Nancy Noble, MHS Archivist/Cataloger

We recently received some lovely additions to our Edward Sylvester Morse book collection.

Edward Sylvester Morse, 1838-1935, was a naturalist, born in Portland, Maine. In the 1870s and 1880s he spent much time in Japan, including as a professor of zoology at Tokyo University. Many of his books relate to Japanese culture, including Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings and Japan Day by Day, both of which were recently donated by Earle Shettleworth. They were both inscribed by Morse.

The most charming addition, though, is a book not by Morse: A Japanese Boy, by Himself, by Shiukichi Shigemi. In this book, a Christmas present to a friend, Morse not only inscribes his name, but illustrates it with a picture of a Japanese boy with his kite.

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