1924 Portland Tax Records Go Online

1924 Tax Record, 485 Congress Street, Portland (MHS)

A partnership between Maine Historical Society, the City of Portland, and Portland Public Library is pleased to announce that the first 10,000 entries from the 1924 Portland Tax Records have gone online on Maine Memory Network.

This major initiative vastly expands access to a valuable and heavily used research collection. The records were created as part of a city-wide tax reevaluation and include photographs (in most cases) and other information, including descriptions of building materials, finishes, and the property’s assessed value. On the back of each form, a pencil sketch illustrates the size and shape of the building footprint on the property.

About half of the records have been scanned and added to the site (for street names from A-M). The project is expected to be completed by summer 2012.

Search the records by owner, address, neighborhood, style, or use.

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