Memoirs of a Maine Violin Prodigy

In 2010, Dr. Houghton M. White of Brunswick donated the autobiography, diaries, letters, photographs and other materials collected by his grandmother, Elise Fellows White, to Maine Historical Society. Those materials, now processed and accessible in the library, are the foundation for a wonderful new book published by MHS that tells her remarkable tale.

Elise was a violin prodigy from Skowhegan whose musical talents and adventuresome spirit took her around the country and abroad in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our new publication–A Maine Prodigy: The Life and Adventures of Elise Fellows Whitewas compiled by Dr. White from her materials. (He also generously supported the book’s publication.) MHS’s Candace Kanes edited the book and wrote its introduction.

Place an advance order before December 15 and receive 5% off the cover price. We expect to have copies available at MHS during the week of December 19. (No guarantee of delivery by Christmas.) To reserve a copy, you can also call the museum store at (207) 774-1822 ext. 205.

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