A Crown Jewel of Farmington

When you hear or see the word “tiara,” what do you think of? A beauty pageant? A member of a royal family? A TV reality show that makes you cringe?

Erase all those images from your mind and imagine a girl from Farmington who, in 1876, graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and went on to fame and fortune as an opera soprano thereafter. Read all about Lillian Nordica in this Maine Memory exhibit.

During an 1896 performance of “Elsa” in Wagner’s Lohengrin, a role she made famous, Nordica received a diamond tiara. It was presented to her in a leather case with a luxurious red velvet interior. It’s that case, contributed to Maine Memory by the Nordica Memorial Association, that we presented as today’s mystery artifact. Check out the other stunning Nordica Memorial Association artifacts on Maine Memory.

Congratulations to the creative guessers on our Facebook page today, particularly those that thought this must be a case of some kind to hold jewels or a hat. Close!

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