Honoring the Faithful

Statue of "Faith" for Plymouth, Hallowell Granite Company, 1877

On November 9, 1620, the Mayflower Pilgrims spotted Cape Cod, Massachusetts. More than 250 years later, in June of 1876, workers at the Hallowell Granite Company began carving a tribute to the men and women who braved the journey. And that is the answer to today’s mystery artifact.

Standing 36 feet tall and weighing 200 tons, Faith was completed in the summer of 1877 and placed as the central figure on the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts. (She stands on an octagonal base 45 feet high so she reaches a total of 81 feet in the air).

Along with the base statues of Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty, this Plymouth landmark is the largest granite monument in the United States. Every bit was carved by Hallowell Granite workers and shipped in sections to Massachusetts. In the image to the right, primary statuary cutter Joseph Archie stands on Faith’s outstretched arm.

For more information about Hallowell’s granite industry, and stunning images of other statues, visit the granite exhibit on Hallowell’s Maine Community Heritage Project website.

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