The Fifth Season (And We Don’t Mean “Mud”)

This month’s e-Connection opens with a dramatic image representative of the season–hunting season, that is.

Loading deer on the train at Strong station, ca. 1915

Contributed by Strong Historical Society as part of its Maine Community Heritage Project, the photo at the Strong railroad station exemplifies Maine’s long history as a location for hunting enthusiasts. Thanks to the presence of the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad, Franklin County in particular became a hunting destinations for out of state “sports” (i.e. hunters) in the early 1900s.

Four gentlemen from Houlton, ca. 1890

Whether for true sport or to feed one’s family, hunting has a long tradition in the state. Despite the safety risks inherent in the activity–just in the past week, two accidents and one fatality occurred–hunting remains an important ritual for many Maine residents and visitors.

To see nearly 100 more Maine hunting-related images, as well as an exhibit about a 19th century sportsman from Pennsylvania who came to the Maine woods to hunt and fish, visit this page on Maine Memory.

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