State Historian to Contribute to Portland String Quartet’s “All American” Program

We here at Maine Historical Society think a lot of our State Historian, Earle Shettleworth. (Our Lecture Hall happens to be named after him!) So we are always interested to hear about the new and different ways he’s sharing the history of Maine with the public.

Composer John Knowles Paine

On Sunday, October 30, Mr. Shettleworth will lead a discussion of Portland’s history in the 19th century as part of Portland String Quartet’s “All American” program, which includes the world premiere of “String Quartet in D Major, Op.5” (1855), written by composer John Knowles Paine at the tender age of 16.

At that time, the young Paine lived in Portland (he was born here) and was studying with Hermann Kotzschmar. (Kotzschmar is featured in a Maine Memory Network exhibit, as is the city’s famous Kotzschmar organ itself.)

The “All American” concert and discussion takes place at 2PM at Woodfords Congregational Church.

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