MHS Genealogy Forum

If you have been researching family history, you may be familiar with the major online genealogy message boards, including GenForum and at Did you know that MHS has its own genealogy forum?

The MHS Genealogy Forum has been online and contains queries and postings from the past eight years. Topics are organized alphabetically by surname and location (Maine, Non-Maine, and US), and the forum also provides a place for software and general inquiries.

The MHS Genealogy Forum is a great place to post messages and connect with others searching for Maine ancestors. You may discover a researcher working on the same line as you, share your research with others, or even ask a genealogist to do a lookup for you.

Our genealogy forum is free to use but does require users to create a username and password in order to post messages. When posting messages, be clear, concise, and choose a subject line that reflects the information you are seeking. You may not receive a reply right away, but we all know that genealogy research takes time and patience. You never know when that missing link will be found.

The MHS Genealogy Forum has been a successful avenue for many researchers and has even brought together families who had been lost to each other. (Read the May blog post about the Dorr sisters who found each via the forum).

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