Days of Remembrance

This 1944 letter to Grace Hustus of South Portland explains that her son Walter is missing in action during World War II.

Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day (always the third Friday in September). This is a national day of prayer and remembrance to honor the thousands of missing warriors who have not returned home.

The official White House proclamation for the day notes that “we will never give up the search for those who are held as prisoners of war or have gone missing under our country’s flag. We honor their sacrifice, and we must care for their families and pursue the fullest possible accounting for all missing members of our Armed Forces.”

Maine Civil War soldier Abner Small writes to his mother and sister about his experience as a prisoner of war in Virginia.

To give you some perspective, nearly 2,500 individuals were listed  as missing following Vietnam. To date, more than 700 have had their remains returned, but that still leaves roughly 1,800 that haven’t. Efforts continue for a full accounting.

A companion day falls on September 25: Gold Star Mother’s Day. The last Sunday in September is designated to honor all mothers (and families) who have lost a son or daughter in combat.

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