This Week in History: High Flyers

Two flight-related anniversaries came around again this week.

The Lockheed 10-A

Amelia Earhart’s bid to become the first woman to fly across the United States (from LA to Newark) hit the jackpot on August 24, 1932. While there aren’t any historic images of, or memorabilia in Maine Memory Network directly related to the famous pilot, the image to the left from the Presque Isle Air Museum depicts the Lockheed 10-A “Electra,” the same type of plane flown by Earhart.

Lindbergh and co. in Old Orchard Beach

Another significant milestone this week in flight history (August 26, 1974) was the death of Charles Lindbergh, the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, a feat which took place in 1927. Unlike Earhart, we do have Lindbergh-specific material on Maine Memory, including a great exhibit about seeing Lindbergh in Old Orchard Beach–in the air and on the ground–on July 24, 1925.

And apparently both famous fliers used a beach in Scarborough to touch down on at least one occasion in their careers, as mentioned in the description for this image of airplanes on the beach in the southern Maine coastal town.

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