Today’s Mystery Artifact: Pretty Corny

Bit into a sweet, juicy, buttery ear of corn lately? Among the pleasures of August are those rows and rows of plump kernels, the ears freshly picked and boiled, steamed, or grilled. Of course, there’s the prep work involved. Husking! But, to paraphrase a contemporary cliche, there’s a tool for that.

Yes, this weird looking set of implements, used in combination with one another, is a hand cornhusker. The smaller items on the left and right are referred to as corn husking pegs. The middle item straps onto one’s wrist. But no one guessed that today’s mystery artifact had anything to do with food, much less corn. (To be fair, we didn’t have too many guesses, period.) Two folks guessed accessories used in archery–clever!

Really, doesn’t this seem like a lot of work to husk corn? For more details on how these gadgets work, check out the catalog entry in our PastPerfect database.

One thought on “Today’s Mystery Artifact: Pretty Corny

  1. Dave Toht

    I am compiling a book about a relative who had several adventures while hiring out as a corn shucker. I’d like to include an image of a shucking peg in the book. Would you have a hi-res (300 dpi) version of the image shown in this blog? If so, may I have your permission to include the image in the book. It will be self published. I’d be happy to credit the Maine Historical Society.

    With thanks,

    Dave Toht

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