Crumbs Be Gone!

Monday, we put up a post about “rusticators” — Maine’s wealthy summer visitors of yesteryear who helped established the state as a tourist mecca. How fitting then, that today’s What-in-the-WORLD?-Wednesday artifact catered to those gentle-people along about 100 years ago.

No, it’s not a hairbrush minus the bristles — but it does have something to do with brushing. According to the description on Maine Memory, this is a circa 1910 “silver plate crumb scraper … used to scrape crumbs off a dining table between courses. It was used in the Islesboro Inn, a hotel located on Gilkey Harbor.” The description goes on to summarize the history of the Inn, originally a summer cottage built for one J. K. Mitchell.

This turned out to be an easy one, though most people thought it was actually the object that catches the crumbs. Nope, but we have that dustpan-shaped object on on Maine Memory as well. Between courses, waitstaff would employ these elegant gadgets to whisk away any unsightly evidence of dining.

Both items were scanned by a student involved in Islesboro’s Maine Community Heritage Project. For a great deal more on Isleboro’s history, including its summer resorts, spend some time on their MMN website.

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