In the Good Ol’ Summertime

School’s almost out, we’ve finally had some warm and sunny days, and everything’s growing and blooming. It’s almost summertime! Up in these parts, that’s well worth the extra shout-out: IT’S ALMOST SUMMERTIME!!

In case you’re not already geared up enough, Maine Memory Network has several summery-themed exhibits to whet your appetite.

First, for you sports enthusiasts, there’s Summer’s Favorite Game, chronicling our love for baseball–American as apple pie. The exhibit contains just a few of the 120+ baseball-related images on Maine Memory.

Baseball game, Squirrel Island, early 1900s. One of the images in the "Summer's Favorite Game" exhibit.

How many of you attended a summer camp–in Maine or elsewhere? There are two camp-related exhibits on Maine Memory that will have you reliving memories of those days in no time.

Summer Camps provide a rich historical overview of the Maine camps for boys and girls during the 19th and 20th centuries. Images include those MHS’s own collections, but also from Camp Winnebago, Camp Runoia, Good Will-Hinckley Home, and Eliot Baha’i Archives.

Waterfront, Camp Runoia, 1951. The final image in the "Summer Camps" exhibit.

Songs of Winnebago focuses on the history of camp songs–around the campfire, at meals, and on other occasions. It features several audio recordings.

Camp Winnebago recording of "Buckle Down Winnebago," one of the several audio recordings in the "Songs of Winnebago" exhibit.

Finally, Poland Spring: Summering in Fashion serves as a stellar example of the history of tourism during the summer months. Numerous out-of-staters, some famous, flocked to the resort for its luxury, peaceful setting, and unique water source.

President Harding, Poland Spring, 1921. He was one of the many people--famous and otherwise--who flocked to the popular resort.

There are other exhibits that touch on summer in big and small ways–and 690 total items on Maine Memory with the word “summer” somewhere in their cataloging record. So it would probably take you longer to work through them all than summertime in Maine actually lasts.

Instead, just enjoy this sneak peak and then get out there and… “Play ball!”

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