A Flood of Choices on May 14

No plans for the coming weekend? Do not despair. According to the latest This Week at MHS, Saturday, May 14, is one overflowing date.


1) For a modest fee, sign up for the Genealogical Research Trip to Boston where you can search all manner of records at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS). Details are here. You can even just pay for a seat on the bus and spend the day sightseeing.

2) Take advantage of Maine Member Day, which means FREE admission to 16 participating museums, historic sites, and gardens around the state with a membership card to any one of them. We are pleased to participate in the very first year of this program–a fantastic benefit. So grab your MHS (or other) membership card and hit as many as you can. Be sure to check websites of individual institutions for open hours, directions, etc.

Longfellow Garden club members

3) Finally, for you gardeners, don’t miss the annual Longfellow Garden Club Spring Plant and Pie Sale. It supports the care of the Longfellow Garden and includes plants from members’ gardens, Labrador violets from the Longfellow Garden, tasty pies, and much more. The sale is held at the North Deering Congregational Church, 1364 Washington Avenue, in Portland.

Gerry's mill goes downstream, Lovell, 1953

Those of you looking for a quieter weekend, where you can just kick back with some historical material, well, we can supply a “flood” of that, too. The power of water is all too familiar at this time of year–and some folks in Maine, New England, and throughout the nation are at the mercy of swollen rivers right now. So refresh your knowledge of freshets past with “High water,” the MMN exhibit that kicked off This Week. Then, if that isn’t enough, wade through the more than 200 MMN items with the word “flood” in their cataloging descriptions.

After that, you might wish you’d taken that bus trip to Boston!

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