Babies, We’ve Come a Long Way

Take a gander at today’s What-in-the-WORLD? mystery artifact:

Any last second ideas? The catalog description in our museum database reads “cast metal, with leather-covered handles and chamois-covered ends,” and the item is about 11 inches long.

For some reason, this fish-shaped, somewhat-innocent-looking, too-small-for-the-box instrument yielded fewer overall guesses that many of our previous offerings. Two personal favorites: “lobster-claw bander” and something “used to trim the hooves of cattle.”

Wicked clever but… no. We caved to requests for a hint early on and said “medical” and that may have helped two people with their spot-on guess. Are you ready for this?

Obstetrical forceps. Yes, really. Thank goodness for that chamois cloth.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of further information in the database about who/where/when, despite a promise this morning that ALL would be revealed. (Sorry about that.) So… your guess is as good as ours on those facts.

But it sure makes that presentation in the wooden box a whole lot more dramatic, doesn’t it?

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