Good Things Spring Forth from April’s e-Connection

"Nest, Nook & Cranny," by Susan Blackaby; 20% off this month at MHS

After what seems like one of the longest winters on record here in Maine, the robins have finally landed! And so has this month’s e-Connection, just as chock full as those fat little birds now hopping around on your lawn.

To celebrate, we have a 20% off coupon in the newsletter good toward ANY poetry book from the MHS museum store (or shop online). Why? Because despite T. S. Eliot’s claim that April is “the cruelest month,” it also happens to be National Poetry Month.

Something Fishy: One of the last cans of sardines to be packed at the last U.S. sardine cannery is a recent addition to the MHS collection.

April may well stand as the cruelest month for the U.S. sardine industry. The Prospect Harbor Cannery closed its doors on April 18, 2010, ending a 135-year history of canning on the coast of Maine. This can of sardines, from the last batch, is now in our permanent  collection. (An unscientific internet search suggests that 2-3 years might be the shelf-life of an unopened can. Will it start to become, er, aromatic at that point? Hmmm…)

Nothing fishy–except maybe some smoked salmon appetizers–will be served up on May 7 at the Woodlands in Falmouth. That’s the date of our annual gala, the Mad Hatter Affair. For full details on the shindig, see our post Get Your Hat On.

The Mad Hatter is a lot of work behind the scenes and we all pitch in, but much of it is done by MHS “events guru” (translation: Marketing & PR Manager) Elizabeth Nash.

Marketing & PR Manager Elizabeth Nash

Fittingly, she’s profiled in this month’s e-Connection under our Spotlight section. The words “panache,” and “pizazz” are included, as might be expected in a write-up about an events guru. (MHS Factoid: Did you know that there are three Bates College alums working at MHS? Elizabeth is one of them. We’ll let you ferret out the other two.)

If that’s not enough to whet your April e-Connection appetite:

To name a locker in the MHS Library, call Development Director Deborah Tillman Stone at 774-1822 ext 231.
  • there’s a link to a Maine Memory exhibit on Hannah Pierce, another woman with her own sense of self, albeit in the 19th century;
  • an opportunity to name one of the MHS library lockers;
  • a busted myth about the Dutch once ruling Maine;
  • a feature on Downeast Magazine’s recent use of several Maine Memory images;
  • upcoming April programs;
  • and an announcement about a delightful new MHS blog (hmmm… sounds strangely familiar…).

If you don’t want to miss all this goodness in the future, sign up for the monthly e-Connection (and our in-between weeklies, “This Week at MHS”) here–sent right to your email IN-box. You’ll be glad you did!

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