This Week at MHS: Baxter B’Day, First Trans-Pacific Flight, and More

Last month, cake was served up for Longfellow’s 204th and now it’s time to celebrate another of Portland’s finest.

Among the highlights in This Week at MHS, you’ll find all the details on Wednesday’s 180th birthday party for civic father James Phinney Baxter.

Businessman, historian, and philanthropist, Baxter led efforts to create the Boulevard that bears his name, secure public lands, and build the original Baxter Library. He also served MHS as president during a period (1889-1921) of tremendous growth, overseeing the gift of the Longfellow House and the construction of the Library.

Join us from 5-7PM for Maine State historian Earle Shettleworth, Jr.’s illustrated introduction to Baxter’s life and work, followed by a reception featuring–what else–birthday cake!

Crew of Southern Cross, California, 1928

Also featured in this edition of our weekly e-newsletter:

  • An Old Sea Dog Takes to the Air,” a Maine Memory exhibit about Paris Hill resident Henry (Harry) Lyon, Jr., the navigator for the Southern Cross, which flew the first trans-Pacific flight from Oakland, California, to Sydney, Australia, with stops in Hawaii and Fiji, in 1928.
  • Details on the MHS “River Odyssey” trip from Barcelona, Spain, to Lisbon, Portugal in October.
  • April’s upcoming programs.


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