Sad History Made in Japan

We love history… but sometimes we hate when it is being made. Our hearts continue to ache for the people of Japan following the devastating earthquake–the worst in “recorded history”–and tsunami, and their horrendous after-effects. This has been, one headline noted quite understandably, the “worst catastrophe since WWII.”

While Maine Memory Network does not have a lot in the way of Japan-related items to share with you, we do have one small connection in the database. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s oldest child, Charles, lived in Japan for nearly two years. Here he is in traditional attire around 1872. One wonders if he experienced any earthquakes during his travels in the country.

If you have loved ones in the country today, we hope you have been able to reach them and that they are safe. And we hope that, as some wise anonymous person once said, the eventual history of these difficult days “is written of, by, and for the survivors.”

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